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Yesterday I had the chance to meet a angel - lilly. This woman really knows how to treat a man right! I had the best experience anyone could ask for. Lilly is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Smart and sexy! I hope I have another chance to spend some quality time with Lilly. A life full of lost love is why I didn't want to be. Lilly made my day! If you have a opportunity to meet this amazing woman. Do not pass it up️ treat Lilly right, then you will be treated like a king!

JAMIE - November 2018


Lilly Deeva and I had our first appointment together and I must say she was rather incredible! I was surprised to find how quickly and without prompt she was able to react to my subtle body language when it came to pushing my pleasure/pain threshold and also pleasantly surprised at her use of her own body, I am over 6ft and she still managed to reach and touch all the right places in all the right ways, she also has a very friendly and open personality and even suggests new fun ways to heat things up. If you have the time I’d recommend going for a longer booking to experience some of her professional talent. I will be seeing her again next time she is in town and I strongly recommend you do too.

HUGH - October 2018

Lilly is a lovely, enchanting, young woman - intelligent, articulate, and very easy company. She is also a skilled and considerate lover. I am content with just her company and could not be bothered seeking out others while she is willing to see me. I can recommend her highly.

GEOFF - October 2018

It has taken me a little time to write this testimonial :) But I have been fortunate to have the wonderful chance to meet Lilly on several occasions now.I have always struggled when it comes to the company of the opposite sex as I have be very introverted and have had a few physical problems to overcome. But Lilly has been nothing but professional, respectful and kind. She is an enchanting young woman who has made me feel like we have been friends for a long time her ability to make me feel comfortable and a ease is truly amazing.Lilly your unbelievably sexy, intelligent, astute and have a beautiful soul.I am truly great full that out paths have crossed and you gave me the pleasure of your company :) Thanks for giving me this amazing human experience that I had been missing out on, I have had so much fun and hope it continues during our next adventures.

DAN - September 2018

Having had the wonderful opportunity to have met Lilly on several occasions I believe I can now say Lilly is the most enchanting welcoming petite Beauty you could hope to find she is caring understanding and extremely sexy .she makes you feel like you are the centre of her attention from the first moment you meet her till the moment you are saying goodbye .she cares about the little things that will make your time with her more enjoyable for you .I will most definitely be visiting this uniquely captivating and beautiful Young lady again

RICK - March 2018

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